Many seeds appear like a galaxy on a wool sock.
Many seeds appear like a galaxy on a wool sock. Photo: Jay Simpson.

Walking Collective Journal 

Issue 01 Open Call: “Dispersal”

Our collective is embarking on a year of contemplation and practice addressing the plurality of meanings and experiences of walking in this fraught moment. We invite inspired makers, writers, artists, and thinkers to submit original work to be included in our inaugural issue of the Walking Collective Journal: “Dispersal.” We welcome original artwork across visual and auditory media, and pieces of writing in any form—fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose—that address themes of walking and dispersal.

Join us! — Email us and introduce yourself to join our group! Please include any university affiliations and your location if you are living outside of New York City.

Due to coronoavirus mitigations, all collective-led, in-person walks and events are currently postponed. Look forward to more digital projects coming soon.

Our Podcast

An audio project to bring you a mix of walking-inspired interviews, guides, and soundscapes. Follow the podcast, listen while walking, and participate in our online events to discuss with other collective members!

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  • Ep. 01 Walking on Native Land
    Our first episode is a conversation with Joe Whittle in which he shares a land acknowledgement, recounts the story of his great, great, great grandfather’s walk from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, and reflects on walking as a way to learn about land-based relationships.
  • Ep. 00 Introducing the Walking Collective Podcast
    Hi! We’re very excited about this new project of the Walking Collective! Our first full episode is coming your way soon.

Other Projects:

(A) COVID Correspondence

Join our multimedia project to “map” COVID-19 pathways, through words, images, “things.”

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To join the thread, email and we’ll send you comprehensive directions.

What are your walks like in a time of COVID?

When you walk, what catches your attention? What is the same? What is different?

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Share your photos, videos, or more by sending us a message on Instagram, tagging us in your post, or email us.