Walks in the time of COVID-19

Coronavirus has reshaped our world through death, uncertainty, community-aid, fear, virtual gatherings, government restrictions, isolation, and more. Everything seems to have changed, a paradigm shift of unknown proportion.

Walking can be a tool for meditation, for finding oneself or finding center in a storm of change. It can reveal ground underneath us as tectonic shifts continue to shape our near and distant futures.

  • Wearing a mask while walking can bring awareness of breath, limited when drawn through fabric.
  • Government directives can make us question what is essential travel? How do our movements constitute our life?
  • Social distancing, 6-ft-wide buffers between others, make us aware of our shared space and the lack of distinction between bodies sharing air and space.

As you walk, we ask you: What catches your attention? What is the same? What is different?

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